Head Soccer

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  • A fantastic soccer game that comes with simple controls that anyone can learn to use in seconds.
  • Beat your opposition using stylish deadly shots like ice shoot, dragon shot, and also lightening shot and be the winner of the tournament.
  • You can choose to play the game with players worldwide or with your friends.
  • You can enjoy this game anywhere and anytime you wish to.


  • Different 82 Avatars and different Special Shot 
  • Seven different game modes available like - Tournament, Arcade, 3. Survival, Head Cup, League, Fight Mode, and Death Mode
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Gameplay based on physics 
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  • Head Soccer can be explained as yet another exciting multiplayer soccer game that has a fun theme too. You will find characters with big heads that seem funny in the game.
  • This game allows four players to play on the similar PC, which helps you enjoy the game with your friends. 
  • You need to control the soccer players with big heads and help them kick the ball and jump around. This is to let your player put the ball into the goal of the opponent.
  • The team attaining more goals is declared as the winner of that match. 


  • Player 1- Arrows or Space 
  • Player 2 -135 / 0 
  • Player 3 - JIL / H 
  • Player 4 -WAD / Q 
  • The game is all about headers, volleys, and goals.
  • The main idea behind this game is to throw the ball into your opponent’s net.
  • To deflect your ball, utilize your head and foot. Do not forget that your job is to defend and then score goals. 
  • You have to avoid the shots going into your network to reduce the opportunities for your opponent to score.
  • You need to use strategies to position yourself while you are playing the game and make excellent passes and show your skills of dribbling skills.