Andar Bahar Play & Review 2024

Andar Bahar has become one of the most loved card casino games among Indian players in recent years. The game is simple yet exciting and has roots dating back centuries in the Indian subcontinent but has seen a modern revival through gambling sites. Let’s take a look at what makes Andar Bahar so popular and the top places to play real money in this game in India today.

Brief history and overview of Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar, which translates to “inside” and “outside” in Hindi, originated in India, where it was played as a street gambling game using simple cards or tiles. The objective was to predict whether the next card dealt would land inside (Andar) or outside (Bahar) the cards already dealt in the centre.

While the traditional game involves rudimentary betting, the online avatar has taken it to the next level with multiple variants, betting options, bonuses, and promotions. Leading online gaming platforms offer players an immersive Andar Bahar experience packed with features like live dealers, multiplayer options, jackpots, and advanced graphics.

The simple format yet electrifying pace of the game appeals to Indian sensibilities. It is easier to understand than most other casino games, so even beginners can get into the game quickly. Seasoned players appreciate the higher stakes and additional betting possibilities offered by online Andar Bahar.

Where to Play Andar Bahar Card Game?

With Andar Bahar growing rapidly in popularity, more and more online casinos are offering dedicated variants of this classic Indian card game. This table summarizes the top gambling sites in India, along with their available game types and standout features.

CasinoAndar Bahar OptionsKey Features
22BetUltimate, Super, Speed, Live and moreGenerous welcome bonus Up to ₹25,000
1xBetLive, Speed, Super and moreWide selection of sports betting
Large selection of casino games
10CricLive, Speed, Super and moreTailored for Indian players
Accepts Indian rupees
LuckyNikiLiveInstant withdrawals
Excellent loyalty program
Casino DaysLive, Super and moreLucrative weekly cashback
Weekly tournaments with prizes

What Types Are Available?

Many exciting variations are available in the world of online gaming that can take your experience of Andar Bahar to a whole new level, even though the essence of the game remains simple. This is how these variations must look like in the classic game:

Live You can have a taste of live dealer play streamed directly from the studio or the real casino floor. You will also have the chance to communicate with other players and dealers through chatting.
MobileYou can play games on your phone or tablet as it can be carried around. Have fun with the game on almost any internet connected place.
MultiplayerYou can engage in multiplayer games, where more than one player can participate at the same time making it even more competitive and exciting.
Progressive Jackpot You could take a chance on a version with a progressive jackpot. Each bet contributes to an ever-growing jackpot and this means that one lucky winner will receive a big win.
Speed ChallengeThis fast-paced version of Andar Bahar comes along with shorter time limits. This variation really cranks up the excitement factor, which is great for people who have some experience playing it.
1st Card is Dealt AndarPut your bets on whether Andar or Bahar will have the first card before the game begins. If the side you picked gets the first card, you win, adding a layer of anticipation to the game.
2nd Bet Post Seeing Two CardsAfter the initial round, players can wager on which side will have the card matching the middle card after the second betting round. If your selected side matches, you secure another win.

These variations offer an array of exciting options for players to choose from, catering to various preferences and levels of excitement.

How to Play Andar Bahar

The objective is simple – correctly predict whether the next card dealt will fall on the Andar (left) side or the Bahar (right) side of the table. Understanding the game rules and flow of play is key to playing properly and boosting your odds.

Card Values

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, from Ace to King. They have their usual poker values in this game:

  • Ace – Highest value
  • King, Queen, Jack – Picture cards
  • 10 to 2 – As per face value

Betting Options

Players have three main wagering options in each round:

  • Andar – Betting on the left side
  • Bahar – Betting on the right side
  • Tie – Betting on a tie between both sides

You can switch between these options round after round. Many games also offer additional side betting options, which we will cover later.


Here is how a standard round proceeds:

  1. Players place their stakes on Andar, Bahar or Tie as per their preferred strategy.
  2. The dealer deals one card face up in the centre. It is called the Joker card.
  3. The dealer now deals cards face up, alternating between the Andar and Bahar sides.
  4. The round ends when a card of the same value as the Joker card is dealt on either side.
  5. Wagers placed on the winning side (where the match card appeared) win. Bets on the losing side are forfeited. Tie bets win if the competing sides have cards of equal value.
  6. Payouts are made accordingly and the next round begins.

This continues until a set number of rounds or the player wishes to exit the game.

Dealing Cards

The number of cards dealt in each round can vary:

  • Most online Andar Bahar games deal between 5 and 7 cards per round.
  • Some operators may set a specific number of deals, like only 5 cards per round.
  • In live casinos, the dealer may use up to 10 cards based on the flow of the game.
  • Speed Andar Bahar is a fast variant where only 1 or 2 cards are dealt.

Settling Bets

  • Bets placed on the winning side (Andar or Bahar) typically receive a 1:1 payout. If you stake ₹100 on Andar and it wins, you get back ₹100.
  • Tie bet payouts are higher, usually between 8:1 to 10:1. A ₹100 tie bet will return ₹800-₹1000.
  • Side bet payments vary based on the specific wager type and odds. We’ll break those down later.

With these rules in mind, you’ll be prepared to jump into real money action. Next let’s look at some tips and strategies to boost your odds.

Side Bets in the Game

Side bets allow you to wager on other round outcomes beyond just Andar vs Bahar. Popular side bets include:

Side BetBrief Description
2-4-6Wager on the total number of cards dealt (2, 4, or 6). Predict if the game will end with a specific card count for extra payouts.
JokerAdd an element of surprise by betting on whether the joker card will be drawn on the Andar or Bahar side in each round.
TripleChallenge your luck and stake on the rare occurrence of three identical cards in a row. While less likely, it comes with higher rewards.
Suit BetPredict the suit of the next card (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades). The payment depends on the odds of that specific suit being drawn.
Colours BetKeep it simple by betting on the colour of the next card, either red or black. This straightforward wager offers decent payments.
Above or BelowGet strategic with your wagers by choosing whether the next card drawn will be above or below a specific value, often determined by you or the casino. 

If you wish, you may add to the excitement and increase your chances of winning more cash from each round by placing side bets. This is completely up to you; you can simply make regular Andar/Bahar bets if that’s what you like.

More on Andar Bahar Gameplay Basics

Andar Bahar is a game of chance involving two piles of cards. The game starts after players place their bets on which pile they think the next card dealt by the dealer will fall. As the rounds progress, players betting on the correct pile win by correctly predicting where each face up card lands. Understanding gameplay basics is the first way to win at Andar Bahar.

Tips and Strategies

While luck plays a big role in Andar Bahar online game, there are some strategic tips that can improve your overall chances and help you manage your bankroll.

Beginner Tips

If you’re new, these basic tips will help you get started:

  • Start with free play – Get familiar with the game flow without risk using free play modes first.
  • Learn the payouts – Understand the payout multipliers for different stakes to calculate potential profits.
  • Avoid side bets – Stick to Andar/Bahar wagers while learning. Side bets have lower odds that favor the house.
  • Set a budget – Determine a gambling budget per session and stick to it. Don’t chase losses.

Advanced Strategies

Once you know the basics, try applying these advanced tips:

  • Use streak betting – Increase your stake size after wins, decrease after losses. But set a stop loss limit.
  • Bet the tie – Occasionally betting the tie at higher payments can offset Andar/Bahar losses.
  • card counting – Track cards dealt to gauge if the deck favours Andar or Bahar in upcoming rounds.
  • Bet banker – Some experts suggest slightly favouring the Bahar more than Andar, since it acts as the dealer.
  • Switch it up – Change your betting pattern to throw off any card counting by the house against you.

Betting Strategies

Popular betting systems like Martingale or Fibonacci can maximize winnings. But have a stop loss limit to contain losses.

Bankroll Management

  • Fixed percentage per bet – Only wager 1-5% of your bankroll per round.
  • Stop loss limit – Walk away if you lose a fixed % of your bankroll like 50%.
  • Win goal – Stop playing if you win a certain amount, like 20% of your bankroll.

Proper bankroll management is key to sustaining a long run at Andar Bahar real money tables.

Apply these tips to make the most of your gameplay. With some prudence, Andar Bahar can be an entertaining and rewarding casino experience for both casual and serious gamers.

Betting Approaches

Bahar Bet

Some players start by only placing Bahar bets since the Bahar pile acts like the dealer or house pile, theoretically giving it a slight edge probability-wise. However this is contentious with little real proof.

Placing Small Bets

For beginners, placing small bets at first is advisable to limit losses as they learn the game. This allows them time to understand game mechanics before risking larger amounts.

Contrary Approach

Contrary to small bets, one approach demands players place their bets more aggressively from get go. Proponents argue this maximizes returns while you’re still understanding the game flow. However, this is a high risk approach not ideal for everyone’s bankroll.

Recovery Path After Losses

It can be tempting to try recovering losses by placing more bets after ending up losing initially. But this rarely works long term. Better approach is controlling game time, taking breaks, resetting budgets to recover sanity before returning to tables.


Is the game completely luck-based?

While luck plays a big role, using strategic tips can improve your odds. Understanding probabilities and carefully managing your bankroll helps stretch your gameplay and minimize losses against the house edge.

What is the best betting strategy?

No single strategy is definitively “best”. But popular systems like Martingale and Fibonacci have proven effective for some players. Adapt any strategy to your risk appetite.

How do I choose a trustworthy Andar Bahar casino?

Look for established operators recommended by players in India. Ensure they have proper licensing, utilize SSL encryption, and offer convenient banking options.

Can I play on my mobile?

Yes, most top online operators today offer dedicated apps or mobile-optimized sites to play Teen Patti and Andar Bahar on iOS and Android devices. The rules and betting experience are largely the same.

Is there skill involved in Andar Bahar or is it just luck?

While the card outcomes are purely chance-based, skilled players use techniques like card counting and bankroll management to maximize winnings over the long run.

How do I withdraw my winnings from Andar Bahar games?

Reputable online casinos offer smooth withdrawal processes. You can withdraw your wins directly to your bank account or e-wallet once you meet any wagering requirements.