How to play Hearts?

Through all these years, the card game Hearts has seen a lot of modifications from its simpler version to complicated version. Some people feel that the version of Hearts game that they are playing is the only version available. This is not true.

There are certain rules related to the game of Hearts that help you understand how to play the game. These rules consist of 4 places from where you are supposed to select from the 4 variations available. At every place, you need to pick the variation you want to use. Then start playing the game. In further games, you can also select various combinations of available variations. You can play at least 256 different variations in the game.

To follow these rules, the game involves 4 players utilizing the deck of total 52 playing cards. The main goal of the game is to avoid obtaining hearts and other scoring cards that are harmful.

To start playing the game, note down the names of the players on a sheet of paper to note down the scores. Then select the player who will be the 1stdealer. You can pick anyone. You can also ask each player to cut the cards and the players who have the highest card can be chosen as the first dealer.

The dealer will shuffle the cards and deals with the cards one at a time. While playing Hearts online, click the right arrow and left arrow buttons to pass through the difficult levels. You will get to go through different levels like Easy/Medium/Hard/Expert.

You can choose a level and start playing. Then you get the instructions for the game and upon reading the instructions you will get to see the card table from where you can start playing.

The game is playing until 100 points. The game will end as soon as one of the players attains this score. At this point, the score of the remaining players are compared and the player who has the lowest score is the winner.